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RYS 300

Study, Train, Practice with
Yoga Shala School of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda 300 RYS

books300 RYS trainings are designed for both dedicated practitioners and certified teachers. Experience a cohesive, in-depth study of yoga. Yoga Shala Trainings are based in the Himalayan Traditions, which are based on the teachings of Sri Vidya (resplendent wisdom). Study in this tradition allows us to appreciate the most precious aspects of life. We embody strength, clarity and inspiration. Through practice, we become stable in the midst of chaos.

Three 100 Hour Sections of Advanced Yoga Philosophy and Technique

Section 1 Maha Prana and Prana Vayus: The 5 Vital Forces

    PranaVayuIn Tantra Yoga, all of life’s functions are governed by the force of nature, Prana. Learning to cultivate and control prana is the source of optimal well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The major emphasis of this section is on the philosophies and techniques that address the 5 Vital Vayus of Maha Prana: Pran, Apan, Udan, Saman and Vyan.

    You will learn how body, breath and energy are related to the Prana Vayus and which asana, breathing and meditation techniques to use in order to cultivate, strengthen and control them. In addition, you will learn how to observe the vayus in the body and breath as well as how to identify Pranic weakness and create practices to strengthen the vital forces that are most needed in your life and for your students.

    A) If you are a yoga practitioner not seeking Yoga Alliance 500RYT status: You must have a consistent practice for the past 3 years. It is helpful if you’ve had some exposure to the philosophies of yoga that emphasize the energetics of asana, importance of pranayama, meditation and study with a dedicated teacher of authentic yogic wisdom. If you think you may want credit hours for Yoga Alliance one day you should attend the Intelligent Sequencing Workshop. There is one scheduled for May 27-29. It’s not mandatory for practitioners however, it is required for those wishing to get Yoga Alliance credits toward 500RYT status.
    B)If you are a yoga teacher and want to strengthen your teaching as well as earn Yoga Alliance 500 RYT status: You must have a minimum 200 hour certificate or RYT 200 or higher designation and successfully complete Yoga Shala’s Intelligent Sequencing Questionnaire. If you come from an RYS that does not emphasize the importance of intelligent sequencing you must enroll in and attend the Intelligent Sequencing Workshop scheduled for May 27-29, 2016.

    You Will Walk Away With:

  • A deeper understanding of the Prana Vayus as related to  asana, pranayama,  bandha,  mudra,  meditation, mantra
  • The knowledge needed to sequence classes to cultivate and control a particular vayu.
  • The skills to create meaningful classes.
  • The ability to work with students privately and to prescribe practices for specific needs.
  • An understanding of advanced physical, mental, and energetic anatomy.

  • Dates:
    July 29-Aug 1
    August 12-14
    September 16-18
    September 23-25
    October 14-16
    Fridays 6-9 pm
    Satrudays 9 am – 5 pm
    Sundays 10 am – 5 pm

    80 Contact Hours
    20 Non-Contact Hours

    Requirements for Enrollment:
    – Meet at least one of the pre-requisites above.
    – Approval of completed application. Email and request the Advanced Training Application.

    Requirements to Receive Certificate:
    – Must attend each weekend with 100% attendance and commitment to yourself and the rest of the group. I understand that life happens so, in case of emergencies that require you to miss part of this training you are required to make-up the hours. We will decide make-ups on an individual basis. Make-up hours are not included in the price of the training and will be charged separately.

    – Successful completion of outside reading.

    – Full participation in class discussions and presentations.

    – Successful completion of short quizzes and brief open book/note exam.

    – If you are seeking teaching credits, sequence and present a practice.

    – Account balance paid in full.

Section 2 The Subtle Doshas: Prana, Tejas & Ojas
Fall 2016 dates, description and enrollment information to be released in May 2016



Section 3 Advanced Practice and Teaching: Commitment to Self and Support of Others

    Winter/Spring 2017 dates, description and enrollment information to be released in June 2016

Application, Enrollment and Payment Information

Step 1. Please request the Advance Training Application by emailing

Step 2. Submit your completed application via email to with the subject “Your Name – Completed Advanced Training Application”

Step 3. An invoice for a $75 application fee will be generated and sent to you via email within 24 hours. Application fee will be applied to tuition upon acceptance.

Step 4. Once payment is received, application will be reviewed. Once accepted, please complete a brief assessment to determine if you’re required to take the pre-requisite Intelligent Sequencing Workshop prior to training.

Step 5. Officially enroll in the training by paying full tuition $1600 or non-refundable tuition deposit of $400. The deposit encourages your fullest commitment, ensures your enrollment in the program and is due within 1 week of program acceptance. The remainder of your tuition is due by May 31, 2016. If you need a payment plan a finance charge of $100 is added.

Step 5. Look forward to an enlightening training with a group of amazing practitioners!

Step 7. email with questions

Please feel free to email  with questions. Thank you.