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RYS 200


Yoga Shala School of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda

200 Hour Training

Connect to the Power, Spirit and Tradition of Yoga

Create Your Own Destiny

Share Yourself with the World


S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200.pngAs  a student of yoga, I’ve studied with some of the worlds most dedicated and wise teachers to bring to Charlotte one of the most well-rounded approaches to well-being and fulfillment.  I’ve invited other trainers who will also beautifully connect modern views with ancient yoga techniques so that you leave the program prepared to create purposeful practices for your students and to make empowered decisions to live your life with intention, wisdom and compassion.

If you are ready to dive deeper into yourself and become stronger, steadier, more compassionate and wiser then this training is for you. In addition to learning the skill and knowledge to sequence an intentional group class you will develop a personal practice for yourself that is best suited to your individual needs.  You’ll also  apply the skills and knowledge gained to suit specific  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of your clients. We’ll teach you how to use asana, breathing techniques, meditation and mantra in addition to the wisdom of yoga. You will be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually renewed & awakened throughout the training.

It’s beyond learning to teach a yoga class and anyone is eligible to apply. All you need is the desire to learn about yourself, grow your practice and explore a tradition of authentic yoga passed on from teacher to student through a living tradition.  A strong desire to “live your yoga off the mat” and weave this powerful healing systems into the community through your profession & relationships are strongly honored here.

After completing the program you will receive a 200 hr certificate of training that empowers you to move into the world and design classes and teach yoga to your hearts desire. Whatever your purpose for taking this yoga training, it will deepen your practice and allow you to live a more connected, present, mindful life!

If you are interested, let’s meet for a cup of tea so I can answer your questions.

All my best,

PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR: Hollace Stephenson 500 E-RYT & Certified ParaYoga Teacher



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Required Reading: 
1. Heart Of Yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar
2. Yoga Anatomy 2nd Edition, Leslie Kaminoff

Required Attendance and Assignments:
1. Attend all 8 weekend trainings (or makeup hours if necessary) with full commitment and dedication
2. Complete yoga philosophy reading and practice logs between training weekends
3. Sequence three to five practices
– Self Practice
– Case Study Practice
– Group Class
– Choose one theme to sequence
4. Complete book report for The Heart Of Yoga
5. Demonstrate the application of yogic philosophies and techniques on and off the mat.

Course Topics:
Techniques, Training & Practice
Teaching Methodology
Anatomy and Physiology
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics


2016 Course Schedule:

Weekend 1  March 18-20
Weekend 2  April 15-17
Weekend 3  May 13-15
Weekend 4  June 3-5
Weekend 5  June 24-26
Weekend 6  July 8-10
Weekend 7  July 22-24
Weekend 8  August 5-7


Weekend Hours:
Fridays 6:00-9 pm
Saturdays 9:00 am – 6 pm
Sundays 10:00 am – 6 pm

Tuition: $2900.00; Early Enrollment discount if payment in full is made by Feb. 1 $2750.
Payment plan available with deposit of $500 by Feb. 1 + $100 finance fee.

Tuition includes all 8 required training weekends, 1 copy of the training manual and a certificate upon completion of all requirements. The cost does not include required books, journals or make up hours for time missed if necessary.



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Please feel free to email  with questions. Thank you.