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Tantra Vinyasa, Our Specialty

We specialize in Tantra Vinyasa, designed to connect students and teachers of all levels to the true power of yoga. Each class is a challenging sequence that will give you a strong and supple body, calm and steady mind, deeper connection to yourself. Throughout each 60, 75 or 90 minute session, teachers incorporate powerful asana with transformative breath work and seated meditation. We move seamlessly through the practice, focusing on specific asana, bandha, and pranayama. A consistent Tantra Vinyasa practice opens us physically, mentally and emotionally to abundance and fulfillment. Whatever stage you begin your practice, this class will take you to the next level. The classroom is warm, about 80 degrees.

Each Series is combination of poses and breath-work intelligently sequenced for a particular energetic effect for the specific time of day and group energy.  Our classes are  inspired by Tantra, Ayurveda and the principles of ParaYoga founded by Master Teacher Rod Stryker.  Each one ends with a meditation complimentary to the practice, designed to connect students of all levels to the power, spirit and tradition of yoga.

Sun Series is designed to wake up your body and uplift your spirit as you greet the day.  Take this class if you want to start each day as your brightest and best self.

Fire Series focuses on lengthening the spine, developing core strength and building your inversion practice.  Take this class if you want more passion and stability in your life.

Moon Series is like hitting the reset button for your body, mind & spirit.  A great way to open, rinse and relax after a busy day.  Come take this class anytime you need peace of mind.

Tantra Mix  is a mix of peace, power, strength and stretch designed by our skilled Tantra teachers to unite the  group energy and leave you feeling empowered and inspired.