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Our vision at Yoga Shala is to empower you to take 100% responsibility for your wellbeing through the practice of yoga. We are a school where yoga teachers and students come to learn, practice, grow and play. We are excellence in action and creativity in motion.

Yoga Shala’s commitment to you is to provide enriching yoga classes that connect you to your fullest potential. Through workshops you will learn the fundamentals necessary to build a strong personal practice and life of wellbeing. Through our retreats, unplug and reflect upon the deeper purpose of life. Through training we empower you to inspire others and take the message of yoga into the world.

In Sanskrit, the traditional language of our practice, Shala means the place where you learn from a teacher.

Yoga Shala Charlotte offer a place to grow, connect, build community and THRIVE ! Drop your shoes and your cares on the porch and find yourself fully immersed in a space that calms the mind and invigorates the body with a deep connection to breath. As soon as you step into The Shala your whole body smiles with joy.


“Great classes, studio and people!
I am LOVING being at Yoga Shala! They are really improving so many aspects of my life!”

“Yoga Shala Charlotte is a lovely studio with well-qualified and enormously kind, yet challenging, teachers. I’ve tried several local studios, and I think this one has the perfect combination of a pleasant physical environment, really good teaching, and a peaceful and caring atmosphere. I love the time I spend there, and recommend it
to anyone who is looking for a great yoga experience.”